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How to Bridge the Gap Between Sales and Marketing


Many organizations have different sales and marketing departments. The separation of activities may be necessary but leads to confusion and tension between the two departments. Marketing has broad agendas in business which include advertising, branding, market research, lead generation, new product development, social media and web content. On the other hand, sales have a particular focus. Sales people mainly deal in cultivating customer leads, qualifying the leads and managing a sales line.

Despite the difference in sales and marketing in scope, they share common objectives which are ensuring customer satisfaction and growing the business revenue. It is therefore important for businesses to bridge the gap between the sales and marketing departments. The two departments should work together to achieve common goals.


The following Bright Orange Thread tips can get used in bridging the gap between sales and marketing:


First, the two departments should start using a common language. A joint agreement with the organization on what constitutes a qualified lead should get established. There should be a consensus on critical terms and a focus on the organization's marketing activities on coming up with a comprehensive profile of targeted customers and information from key decision makers from the target audience. In case sales focus on individuals with no buying power, their efforts may end up futile and result to them distributing the marketing team in the wrong place.


Organizations should also create a joint plan.  Since the sales team, interacts with the customers more frequently, departments should create a merging plan on the two departments for effective results. They would consider using an approach that lays out every step of the customers buying process and ideal methods of reaching out to customers and influencing their decisions.


Organizations should also measure activities and results. Sales and marketing departments should get encouraged to revamp their analytics as well as come up with agreed-upon metrics to aid in accurately quantifying the outcomes of sales and marketing processes. For further details regarding the benefits of marketing, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4GbiS-fF7A.


Staff in the two departments could also get interchanged for a period. Many of tensions between sales and marketing result from a simple misunderstanding on the roles of each department. An efficient solution to this problem could be having marketing team members to serve as sales representatives for a period. Upon doing this, the marketing department members ranging from to top executive to senior staff understand how sales people make contacts with customers, develop leads and maintain follow up calls in influencing buyer decision in the buying process. Try it now!